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3HOUSE Launches Campfire Initiative: Deep Dive Into Web3 Investment Principles

• 3HOUSE, a leading Web3 investment community, recently introduced the “Campfire” initiative – a comprehensive deep dive into Web3 investment principles.
• The Campfire initiative is designed to help investors gain a deeper understanding of the industry and make more informed investment decisions.
• The 3HOUSE platform is available as a web app and users are limited to one unique account.

The 3HOUSE Web3 Investment Community recently announced its new initiative to provide comprehensive “deep dives” into the Web3 industry – the “Campfire” initiative. With this new program, 3HOUSE aims to bring investors closer to the core principles of Web3 investments and provide them with the necessary information to make more informed decisions.

The Campfire initiative is a fortnightly focus direction brought about by the 3HOUSE development team in collaboration with the community. Every two weeks, the team takes a closer look at important and relevant issues within the crypto industry, aiming to better understand the complexities of the Web3 space. In a sense, Campfire is the community’s way of getting to the heart of the matter together in order to make better investment decisions and to stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving industry.

Dylan O’Hanrahan, Head of Business Development at 3HOUSE, expressed his enthusiasm for this new initiative. He said: “We understand the importance of having a deep understanding of investment principles and access to high-quality information when making critical investment decisions, particularly in the Web3 space. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Campfire initiative, which aims to build the most comprehensive place for Web3 investment-related content online through community-generated insights.”

To access the 3HOUSE platform, users simply need to connect a wallet and burn one of the project’s native ERC20 governance tokens. Each user is limited to one account with a unique username, with the focus being on ensuring that each feature adds value and contributes to a better user experience.

The 3HOUSE Web3 Investment Community is leading the way in providing comprehensive and reliable information to help investors make more informed decisions within the Web3 space. With the Campfire initiative, 3HOUSE hopes to bring investors closer to the core principles of Web3 investments, and to empower them with the necessary information to make wise investments.

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