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Attention ledger nano users: Deceptively real phishing mail wants to steal your Bitcoin

Phishing mail steals your Bitcoin: Watch out for ledger nano users

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A ledger hardware wallet lies on Bitcoin coins
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Scammers try to steal your Bitcoin with a new scam. Into the focus come above all users those itself some time ago, over the Website of Ledger, hardware Wallets ordered.

These customers receive up-to-date Phishing Mails sent, in which they are requested to it a new version of Ledger live to downloaden. Users should not do this under any circumstances.

Why do the hackers have your data?

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In fact, Ledger was hacked on 14.07.2020, where the attackers got hold of e-mail addresses and the first and last names of customers. A small number of customers also had their phone numbers and addresses hacked. Nevertheless there is no immediate danger for your coins.

The e-mail surprises above all with the fact that it knows your data and tries to help you. Furthermore, the email looks very professional and it is difficult to distinguish it from a normal email from the Ledger team. Even with the sender you have to look carefully to see that it is a fake: “Legder”.

Your crypto currencies are safe, unless you follow the instructions of the phishing mail.

Ledger has also warned its customers about the phishing mail:
This is what the phishing mail looks like:

Screenshot Phishing Mail

Fortunately, the phishing website is no longer available. Ledger reacted directly to the attack and informed all customers with an official warning message.

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