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Forge a New Era of Blockchain Gaming with Abyss World!

• Metagame Industries and Mysten Labs have partnered to build Abyss World, a web3-based action role-playing video game.
• The game will leverage Sui Network’s blockchain infrastructure to provide players with a next-generation gaming experience.
• Abyss World is set to launch its open beta version in Q3 2023, with early holders of its NFTs able to participate in game content and reap rewards.

Partnership Announced

Mysten Labs, a web3 infrastructure company and initial developer of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, has announced that it has partnered with Metagame Industries, an interconnected web3 gaming ecosystem. Through this partnership, Metagame Industries will build Abyss World, a web3-based action role-playing video game, on Sui.

Features of Abyss World

Abyss World combines Metagame Industries’ expertise in creating exciting and interactive games with Sui’s high-performing, secure, and gaming-focused technology to create a unique gaming experience that will seamlessly bridge and unite web2 and web3 users. Backed by AMD, Microsoft, and IGN, Abyss World is primed to be the first AAA-level action role-playing open-world game in web3.

Plans for Launch

Metagame Industries has announced plans to expand its team, further develop its game product, and increase marketing efforts ahead of the launch of Abyss World’s open beta version in Q3 2023. Early holders of Abyss World’s NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of game content and reap exciting rewards.

About Mysten Labs & Metagame Industries

Mysten Labs is a team of leading distributed systems experts whose founders were previously at Google Brain Robotics Research Lab and Stanford AI Lab while Metagame Industries is an interconnected web3 gaming ecosystem backed by AMD, Microsoft & IGN. Both companies are working together to bring next generation games & experiences to their communities using Sui protocols & technologies.

Goal Of Partnership

The partnership between Mysten Labs & Metagame industries aims to bring high quality games for both Web 2 & Web 3 gamers at scale through leveraging Sui’s holistic blockchain infrastructure which provides players with an immersive & valuable gaming experience like no other before it!

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